Are you actually walking your talk? We reveal a lot about ourself when we talk. If we also refer to the relationship model, it all goes back to the essence: active listening. Or, going a step further, attentiveness. Attentiveness is certainly about listening, but with a broader sense: it means listening and observing people having the awareness of the surroundings. The relational leader will always know when the environment is changing before anyone else, having developed a sensitivity to the world around him - and listening will give information that you can act on to improve the effectiveness of your communication. Active observation is another important asset of attentiveness.  You must be able to observe yourself in all environments, seeing what you are doing and saying - and how people are responding to it. Self observation will add to your authenticity if you pay attention to what you see, as you will be able to align your actions to your words and contents. By making it a part of your personal behavior, you will observe your shared values and you will be better able to define them. Attentiveness is therefore vital to your well-being and your personal growth. Taking elements from listening and observing and realigning the actions to your findings makes all the difference in your relations and your results.