Audrey Hepburn represents an enigmatic icon, and yet, very modern.
She is known for creating a style, or a look, that women envied and replicated. She had a unique sex appeal, as her beauty was in her attitude, her character, her soul, her very being.

Her style, class and light broke the stereotype of 1950s femininity. Her slender body was the polar opposite of the bombshell hourglass figures of the divas of the time; her poise, voice and manner seemed to place her securely within an aristocratic class which was simultaneously old European and modern American.

The combination of her perceived authenticity, acceptably different femininity and self-possession, spoke to a generation of young women who would go on to negotiate the changes brought by feminism. Billy Wilder, the director of Sabrina, said about her: " Audrey was known for something which has disappeared, and that is elegance, grace and manners."

She managed to be both feminine and boyish, “natural” yet poised, across cultures and generations, retaining a timeless allure that still communicates the intangible quality of Charisma.