Smart Internship – a Revolution in the making

Internship are integral to the process of career planning and a fundamental process for any college student hoping to work in a professional environment. There are several reasons for this, with one of the largest being simple: internships provide a fertile ground for any later career to be built upon. 

Internships are the key to employment after graduation, bridging the proverbial gap between the Workplace and Higher Education, which is something that traditional Universities have generally a hard time coping with. 

Employers will look for candidates who possess previous experience whithin their field, or experience just in general, because it shows that the student has developed skills that are uniquely taught through frist-hand experience. This also has a ripple effect on career placement in general, making it easier for freshly graduated students to demonstrate a level of professionalism and a proactive mindset that can only be obtained by a working life experience.

This is all great but what happens when the world suddenly halts? What happens when something unpredictable shakes the foundations of the workplace on a global scale? 

That’s exactly the moment in which a a simple yet visionary solution finds room to develop and turn into something massive: that was how ESE’s Smart Internship Program was born.

It is an innovative, practical and easy project that can be very beneficial to both students-future-to-be professionals and companies. 

The ultimate aim of the project is to provide actionable recommendations for the company’s business challenges by creating for them a project on demand. While companies may develop projects that have been left aside unfinished, not having to deal with traditional bureaucratic internship issues, students can learn how to deal with a complex project in smart working, can increase levels of responsibility and autonomy and can elevate competences and skills fundamental for future candidacy or entrepreneurial projects.

The Program has been very successful so far and ESE will definitely keep it as an option for students who would like to proceed gaining valuable experience with innovative methods.