Featured Article on Le Grand Mag

It’s always a pleasure when a well-known and illustrious publication sees the potential in a project and decides to go full-force with its promotion: this is exactly what happened with Le Grand Mag and its Observatory, which I had the honour of founding.

LeGrandMag Observatory was created in September 2020 to research, interpret and monitor the great changes within the luxury sector of the modern era. The desire for authenticity, transparency and consistency that have shaped the new consumer is now joined by a craving for a “human” touch, especially in such complex and uncertain times: the need to return to the essence of things, to their more pure and intrinsic meaning, devoid of any meta-structure. This new search for the Being would be meaningless if it didn’t start by the rediscovery of the cultural roots of Beauty, seen as tradition and Education. Concepts such as Uniqueness, Diversity, Inclusion must acquire a non-political yet fundamental value in achieving a single goal: the privilege of being oneself.

The Observatory focuses on the new generations: comparing Millennials and Generation Z, with particular emphasis on the latter, as it symbolizes the consumer of tomorrow. Investigating the thoughts and feelings of the new generations, understanding their way of interpreting the world in order to give them the most suitable tools to orient themselves in the world of tomorrow, is the social and cultural responsibility that the Observatory wants to embody.