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Silvia Pettinicchio – International Training Executive 

Graduate magna cum laude in business administration and international management (Florida International University), she has a Master’s degree in retail marketing (Metro University of Dusseldorf), a major in web marketing and one in reputation management and creative writing (Curtin University of Perth, Australia) .

Today she is a Marketing professor at the European School of Economics and a consultant in marketing (traditional, strategic, digital), communication and advertising.

Manuela Sacco – International Training Executive

PhD in Marketing, she is a pioneer in the use of consumers’ behavior observation methods, has gained over twenty years experience as a Market Research Director and led research projects for important international clients.

Lecturer for international associations and various universities, in IED Fashion is coordinator and professor for the Master in Fashion Marketing and lecturer in undergraduate marketing courses

Monica Antonioli – Life Coach

Ph.D. in psychology, trainer, system consultant, author, and theater director. She created  “Sistema Movimenti Maestri ™”, an innovative narrative-dramaturgical model for the description and integration of human identity. She directs the three-year training course for the Professional System Leadership “Master Move Academy ™”, a container for methodological research and teaching activity. She also introduced the concept of Systemic Leadership to parents, school directors and teachers, business managers  and religious educators. In ten years as a director and playwright, she has written and directed four plays, workshops and retreats associated with them. She is the founder and president of the Social Cooperative Society Onlus La Via di Casa.

Giulia Cavalli – Behavioral Specialist

Psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, interdisciplinary research doctor, Giulia is a lecturer at various Italian universities specialized in life cycle psychology as well as a trainer for public and private institutions. Founder of the magazine Educare03 and editor of the column “Ben-essere al lavoro”, she has published dozens of books and scientific articles on psychological issues. Passionate about methods and quality, she designs data models to deepen the knowledge of relational contexts, to identify prospects for growth and development.

Franca Grimaldi– Vocal Coach

Speaker and actress, she works in the entertainment industry, lending her voice to voiceovers, documentaries, radio and tv ads. Passionate about sound and vocality, she also works as a trainer in the field of motivational communication, designing classes aimed at developing and recovering physical well-being through the conscious use of vocal energy.

Martino Garavaglia – Digital Marketing Manager

He is a Social Media Strategist with the heart of a Wedding Planner. A firm believer that most issues can be solved with a good cup of coffee, a nice chat and the right amount of procrastination, he spent more than a year in the United States to perfect his skills while working for a Graphic Design Studio. He’s also fluent in four languages and attended a Master in Event Management in Dubai.