coco chanel executive presence

executive presence is easy to recognize but not so easy to define. It is an intangible quality, a mix of skills, a sort of magnetism that influences people and simply conquer. People with executive presence are admired for their leadership, respected for their authority, appreciated for their ability to win the confidence of those around them. They are authentic and inspirational executives that get to people though presence and trust.
IT’S ALL ABOUT GRAVITAS    Executive presence is not an act or a role to play. It all begins with substance: BE AUTHENTIC. Know the answers: Be the go-to person. It’s almost impossible to build confidence unless you have the necessary business-related skills and credibility.
IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION    People who exhibit executive presence seem to have everything under control. They walk with relaxed confidence, standing tall, shoulders back. They have the ability to take a breath in tough situations, weigh the options and calmly determine the next steps: they have poise. They speak with passion and enthusiasm: words seem to simply flow at the correct pace, rate and pitch. They are active listeners, The key to their success in their audience-centric approach to communication.
IT’S ALL ABOUT APPEARANCE    Those with executive presence look good. Their clothing fits properly. They know what to wear and how to wear it. It’s not about being flashy. It’s about being professional through every detail. Attention to appearance affects confidence, attitude and energy.


Your executive presence is a major part of your personal brand.
In today’s world, a strong personal brand is an extremely important asset.
So, building your executive presence is worth the effort.