Convincing could be the mantra for a narration. No matter what subject you’re talking about the ability to sound convincing encompasses skills of coherent explanation, a measured neutral or sometimes friendly tone, an appropriate amount of conversationality and energy, and an authoritativeness that’s believable and approachable. 

Then, consistency. In volume, energy, pacing, articulation, characterization in your eye-brain-mouth coordination. This will allow you to stay connected to what you’re reading, which is vital to your performance and the believability of your interpretation. If you’re not enthusiastic about what they’re talking about, why should the listener be interested in what you have to say? 

The other mantra is control. You need to control your pitch, volume and breath. You can control your pitch by understanding intonation, realizing that there are many musical applications to the spoken word. You can control your volume by understanding that volume for the most part has to be consistent. It’s the intensity that varies throughout a read. You have to maintain excellent breath control by constantly replenishing the amount of air in order to get through words and phrases confidently. 

So…breath..and enjoy the Art of Speaking.