When I was a little girl, I had two preferred weekly moments: visiting my mom’s showroom overlooking the Duomo and attending my ballet classes.

The dream about being either a model or a ballerina girl was still not clear in my mind. What was clear was my need and quest for Beauty. Whether among fabrics or tutus, I was fascinated by the attitude I breathed when watching beautiful  women elegantly walking along catwalks in stunning outfits..or light-as-feather dancers twirling and floating in the air.

There was a sort of magic spell in their “being in the space”, as if they could communicate through their movements a mixture of style, power, allure.

It was not only posture: it was Poise. Posture is a shape, Poise is a quality, a state of mind.

To me, it was Art.

That was the first time I encountered Poise.

Poise is something that is kind of hard to define. It is that intangible presence and feeling that you project when you walk into a room: the way you walk, the way you carry yourself, the thought you’ve put into your personal style. It produces positive feelings and helps others feel at ease around you. Our poise reveals a lot about us – our personality, character, values and our current state of mind.

How can you work on poise? It’s actually really simple.

ETIQUETTE - The first step is by practicing your manners and formal etiquette, the best way to start generating your self-confidence. First impressions are usually the most important thing when it comes to displaying yourself confidently. Things like standing taller, firm handshakes, and introducing yourself by your first and last name is one of the best ways to go about working on your etiquette.

COMMUNICATION - Be sure to speak slowly, clearly and keep your volume constant throughout your statements. A strong landing or dismount is very important and can make or break the effectiveness of a statement. Use proper grammar and work towards eliminating filler phrases such as: “like”, “um” and “you know.” Composure is one of the other things that are key to showing your confidence. It means don’t panic and freak out when something goes wrong. People who are often overly emotional or very dramatic are unable to keep their composure. So practicing on your composure is one way people can stay comfortable and easy around you.

STORYTELLING - When speaking with people it is always best to work on speaking about diverse things. But when doing so, always make sure you always have proper transitions in mind so that you can interact between subjects. Storytelling is one way to work on diverse subjects. This can be examples of where you have traveled, how many countries have you traveled, your best memory of a travel experience or the languages you have mastered and what kinds of cultures those languages mean to you. If you can’t think of anything, read books or listen to radio stations that offer talk shows on diverse subjects.

APPEREANCE - Dress the part. Take stock of your professional wardrobe and make sure you are neatly groomed and wearing clothing that reflects the culture of environment. Sloppy clothing sends an immediate negative message to clients and colleagues. Shoes should be polished and allow you to walk comfortably and well balanced. Ladies - the killer heels look great for a night on the town but they may not serve you well in other occasions.