The Way You Sould Walk – Poise yourself to walk with your chin parallel to the floor, making sure your back is straight and not hunched. Place your feet parallel to each other when you walk and take up as much room as possible.

The Way You Stand –Stand in a balanced yet relaxed position. Imagine you are being held up by a rope fixed at the top of your head to the ceiling and the rope is easing you upwards. Be like a gymnast being pulled through the air. This will prime your body to stand upright and tall. Puff your chests out like a peacock, shoulders held back and upright in a comfortable manner. Distribute the weight of your body so that two-thirds of it falls on the balls of your feet and a third on your heels. Again, take up as much room as possible. Most importantly, feel and look comfortable and you’re pretty much good to go.

The Way You Sit – When sitting, you should be able to draw a line from the ear to the shoulder to the hip bone; and if standing, from the hip bone to the knee. Make sure the back of your chair supports your weight. Sit well back in your chair, so that your posture is upright yet relaxed. Avoid folding your arms and legs as these are often construed as negative body language. The most appealing posture is to sit with legs together, hands resting on your lap. Use the open palm gesture to underline what you have to say but avoid gesticulating wildly.

If you have Poise, you will be true to yourself under all circumstances.