Do you work on elevating your strengths or reducing your weaknesses? 

Strength building is the most effective way of improving your performance. We usually waste lots of time in correcting our weaknesses while we should invest more time in elevating our strengths: it comes easier as we already possess them. 

If you want to be a relational leader, you should concentrate on strength-building as this is where you are most likely to succeed. 
If your strengths are strong enough, they will overshadow your weaknesses. 

So, take your time to define who you are by filling in this Presence Trait chart with your most distinctive traits, thus defying your strengths. Analyze how much you possess each single trait ( from 1-low to 5-high ), then how important this trait is to you. 
Then define possible strategies to elevate it to a higher stage.

That's how you start building and reinforcing your Personal Branding.